Water Sports

What better Way to Enjoy Antigua than on the water? Whether above or below or simply splashing around in it. At the Dickenson Bay Cottages we can arrange for you to get out there on a number of tours and excursions based off shore. And for navigating your way to some of our best beaches we will point you in the right direction to find some of our best gems.

THE WADADLI CATS, KOKOMO CATS, OR TREASURE ISLAND CRUISES are swift moving fun catamatan outings that do full circumnavigations or partial with stops at desert islands oftern with lavish lunches and snorkeling excursions.

STINGRAY CITY, SEAFARIS, PADDLES, ADVENTURE ANTIGUA - all offer their own unique glimpse of our island from a different perspective. All very popular and highly recommended.

For some under the sea scuba action we can find you any of half a dozen well qualified and certified diving schools that can take you out to our barrier reefs for truly breathtaking underwater adventure.

Or try a booze cruise with Pirates of the Caribbean, or a sunset sail with a charted sailboat, more affordable than you would think for a personal memory that will be with you long after the sun has set.

Or simply find your way from one amazing beach to the next with a hire car and map it will take you weeks to enjoy every one!